Slab Leak Repair/Electronic Leak Detection

A slab leak is the plumbing industry term for a pinhole leak that has developed in a copper or galvanized water line below the concrete subfloor of your home.

Here are the most common slab leak symptoms

  • Having a high water bill usually means a guaranteed leak.
  • Hear water running but nothing is on.
  • Wet planters near the house
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Wet base boards
  • Water coming out below the water heater but the platform is dry
  • Water on the floor or wet carpet

At Phillips Corp we have the latest sonar technology to detect and locate your leak. Once the leak is found we can provide you with upfront pricing and a repair plan to fix the problem. Our technicians are trained to properly diagnose issues and come up with the least invasive solution to your plumbing needs.

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