Containment and Mold Treatment

The treatment and containment of mold is by far the most important phase of any water damage job. It is of vital importance that whoever is treating a mold issue in your home be properly trained and equipped to make sure the job is taken care of effectively and efficiently. Our technicians at PhillipsCorp take mold very seriously, as should a homeowner with a mold problem.

As important as it is to have it treated properly, it is equally important to contain and prevent mold from spreading to other areas of your home. Air quality control is a must on every job. As damaged and moldy materials are removed from your home, mold spores may be released into the air. At PhillipsCorp we provide air quality control on every job for this purpose. Air Scrubbers are a great tool we use for this. An air scrubber is a machine with a 3-stage HEPA filter system that will effectively remove 99.97% of all contaminants from the air down to 0.3 microns.

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